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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doctor Notes

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Explaination of the Mechanics of a ProBox

Looking at the cross section of ProBox, it's unique shape which is designed to with stand the high lateral loads of the torque pressure forces from the fin. The shape of Probox creates a strong footing in any board structure from 1 lb. EPS foam to hard structures like wood.
The Patented Insert technology allows the fin to have a straight base with no cant. Which fin makers love because of the ease in making a custom fin. Building a cant into the base of a fin, is a custom fin makers nightmare and increased cost of making a fin.
The "V" notch in the base of the fin is designed to have the crub screw land on while pulling the fin into the board creating a compression fit. The "V" notch makes it almost impossible to loose a fin after the crub screw makes contact.

After the fin is compressed into the special flex material of the Canted tappered insert by the crub screw, the fin base always pulls flush to the bottom of the board.
The downward compression fit of the fin allows for a relax fit in ProBox and not a lateral pressure fit of the older fin system designs which may fail in the board.


A look at some of the unique fins from Fibre Glas Fin Co. over the years


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tim Stamps posted this board on Surfer Mag. Forum 02/13/09 Post#1540723 - Click>[]

Here's a fun Twin shaped by Tim Stamps with ProBoxes. Love the color work, glow in the dark.

Click on here to see Keel Fins Flexing.
If you would like to visit Tim Stamps, go to Larry's links on the right side and click on to Tim Stamps Surfboards.


Anti Drag Insert for ProBox Finsystem

Anti Drag Insert is designed to fit into a ProBox not being used with a fin. The Anti Drag Insert covers the slot opening of the ProBox with no fin which allows for a smooth water flow over the bottom of the board. The Anti Drag Insert is designed to float, which adds positive weight back into the board and allows the board to feel like NO box is there when your board is in the water. This I find to be great in Multi Task boards with multiple boxes to enjoy endless fin options without worrying about tail weight. Because weight out of water is different than weight in the water," WE" do not surf out of water!
ProBox Anti Drag Inserts floating in Water.


A Peak in the American Molding Factory of ProBox Finsystems

A Look inside the American Molding Factory which produces Probox the leading Finsystem of the 21st Century. ProBox takes your surfboard performance to another level with NO limits like the older systems of yesterday, which were designed solely for shipping more boards.

Here's the molds which are used to produce ProBox.

Each Probox is put into a special holding device before drill and tapping starts.

CNC machine doing the drill and tapping of each ProBox.

CNC area that the fine tuning work is done on ProBox.

Machine room where the ProBoxes are made.

A run of 10,000 Black and White ProBoxes ready for pick up to be shipped all over the world.

A little history about this molding factory; This factory is where Hobie was getting his molded fins done in the 60's.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Journey of a American Fin Factory of the 70's to the 21st Century

Who said magic does not happen in the garage? Here are some pictures going back to the 70's from the garage then to the factory of today. Enjoy the journey!

Our laminator of over 20 years laying down his flood coat to finish up the day.

ME(Larry) cutting out fins in the 70's, I was a teenager in this picture.
One of our employee's of over 20 years with Fibre Glas Fin cutting out orders in the bandsaw room.

Our foiler of over 20 years performing his magic.

Bobby in the 70's soft padding fins after they were foiled.

Here's a employee who has been with Fibre Glas Fin for over 20 years soft padding fins after they have been foiled.

A picture of Bruce in the 70's rubbing out the fins after gloss. Then the fins get polished unlike the fins we do today that get sprayed. The sprayed fins of today have better performing advantages than glossed fins of yesterday.

One of our fin company employee's fine sanding the fins to be sprayed.

Mike Stavros the creator of Fibre Glas Fin in the early 70's still part of the crew,spraying the fins with a special coating.

A look at a batch of finished fins ready to be packaged and shipped.

Fibre Glas Fin Co. passion in the well being of our planet also shows in our factory environment. Here's a cover page of a Environmental Engineering Corporation Safety Book with pictures of our factory demonstrating their safety devices.