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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Peak in the American Molding Factory of ProBox Finsystems

A Look inside the American Molding Factory which produces Probox the leading Finsystem of the 21st Century. ProBox takes your surfboard performance to another level with NO limits like the older systems of yesterday, which were designed solely for shipping more boards.

Here's the molds which are used to produce ProBox.

Each Probox is put into a special holding device before drill and tapping starts.

CNC machine doing the drill and tapping of each ProBox.

CNC area that the fine tuning work is done on ProBox.

Machine room where the ProBoxes are made.

A run of 10,000 Black and White ProBoxes ready for pick up to be shipped all over the world.

A little history about this molding factory; This factory is where Hobie was getting his molded fins done in the 60's.


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