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Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Journey of a American Fin Factory of the 70's to the 21st Century

Who said magic does not happen in the garage? Here are some pictures going back to the 70's from the garage then to the factory of today. Enjoy the journey!

Our laminator of over 20 years laying down his flood coat to finish up the day.

ME(Larry) cutting out fins in the 70's, I was a teenager in this picture.
One of our employee's of over 20 years with Fibre Glas Fin cutting out orders in the bandsaw room.

Our foiler of over 20 years performing his magic.

Bobby in the 70's soft padding fins after they were foiled.

Here's a employee who has been with Fibre Glas Fin for over 20 years soft padding fins after they have been foiled.

A picture of Bruce in the 70's rubbing out the fins after gloss. Then the fins get polished unlike the fins we do today that get sprayed. The sprayed fins of today have better performing advantages than glossed fins of yesterday.

One of our fin company employee's fine sanding the fins to be sprayed.

Mike Stavros the creator of Fibre Glas Fin in the early 70's still part of the crew,spraying the fins with a special coating.

A look at a batch of finished fins ready to be packaged and shipped.

Fibre Glas Fin Co. passion in the well being of our planet also shows in our factory environment. Here's a cover page of a Environmental Engineering Corporation Safety Book with pictures of our factory demonstrating their safety devices.


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